In various countries of the world there are a number of breeding and cultivation of chinchilla species, species of chinchillas does not have any other related species in the world: this is the Brevicaulda and Lanigera. Most of the chinchillas are the Lanigera. Other types was established through the efforts of breeders and natural mutations. Lanigera – it has a good constitution, straight, obtuse nose, medium-sized ears and a long tail. Its fur is long and dense. This type of Chinchilla is known as the struggled to grown. These are the most suitable for commercial growing. Chinchilla Brevicaulda – a long, large Chinchilla. It has good constitution, obtuse nose and a short tail. Its coat is long, dense, covered with wool, it is not flexible and of good quality. Both of the species are similar in certain genetic characteristics. However, after interbreed, some part of the males can be infertile. The females can be interbreeded with any kind of males and the result is more offspring. Moreover, the quality of the fur is much better.