Chinchilla are herbivores animals. In the wild, they are undemanding for food, they perfectly eat herbs, seeds and fruits, shrubs, many different plants, cactuses and moss. Chinchilla can do without water, because they can settle the Eastern dew and humidity, which is in their eaten food. For the purposes of Commerce, all year round, these rodents are fed with dry hay and compound feeding stuffs. This is the main condition for maintaining them cheap, compared with other fur and carnivore animals. One adult needs about 30-40 g of compound feeding stuff, 10-15 g of hay a day. Chinchillas have a sensitive ugt microflora and they are sensitive to sudden changes in the feed, they manifested a variety of digestive disorders. New feedingstuffs shall be introduced gradually, so that the composition of the intestinal flora and metabolism processes should be able to adapt. In addition to small quantities of granular feed, treats can be given.It may be the raisins, dried fruits, nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, rosehips. Green fodder, fruit, vegetables can be given, too, but in small amounts. Whereas chinchillas are rodents, they have to erode constantly, the best thing to give them is wood, rock, and other similar things.